Mark Hendrix

Founder and CEO

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Mark Hendrix is an accomplished operations manager and performance improvement specialist with extensive experience spanning healthcare, manufacturing and service industries. He is passionate about implementing sustainable solutions that drive excellence. 


From 2014 through 2018, he served as Director of Palliative Care Operations for Four Seasons Compassion for Life and Project Director for a $9.5 million CMMI palliative care grant. The grant focused on standardization of palliative care processes, improving patient outcomes, and developing alternative Medicare reimbursement models. In addition to staffing their model with Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, Chaplains, and an entire administrative team, his team enrolled and monitored quality and cost data on over 5500 patients during the 3-year grant period. They utilized LEAN concepts such as value stream mapping to optimize processes, reduce patient wait time, and provide the right care at the right time and in the right place. The team also developed risk stratification techniques to plan patient care, utilized new billing codes to improve profitability, implemented telehealth to provide care to under-served patients in rural areas, and integrated these new processes into an EMR. The results of the grant are still being evaluated, however the grant takes center-stage in making palliative care a sustainable model that allows providers to care for an aging population.

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