What We Do
Our Approach
Free Up Time For Providers

nTakt listens to your team and works hand-in-hand with them to ensure that all processes are meaningful, sustainable, and free up time so your clinical team can focus on providing great patient care.

Less Paperwork

Easier Scheduling

Efficient Medication Management

Customized Solutions

Needs Assessment

Identify What’s Important To You

Define Your Process Drivers 

Define Financial Potential

Develop A Customized Plan

Implement Simple Sustainable Processes

Hands-On Training

Person-Centered Care

The technologies we support and the processes we implement focus on insuring that we exceed the personal needs of all patients.

More Provider-Patient Interaction

More Advance Care Planning

More Effective Monitoring

Technology Integration


Optimize Your Existing EMR

Develop A Provider Focused EMR 

Improve Patient Monitoring 

Integrated E-Prescription

Medication Monitoring

Uncomplicate Things
We've learned that no matter how game-changing the technology, desired results can only be achieved through a combination of simplified processes, meaningful technology, and hands-on training.

Simplified Processes

Meaningful User-Friendly Technologies

Automated Reporting

Meaningful Dashboards

Hands-On Training

Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs
By eliminating unnecessary activities and optimizing important tasks, your team can perform at its highest efficiency and lowest possible cost.

Increased Billing

Increased Hospice Transitions

Increased Length Of Stay

Lower Operating Costs

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